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Shi Fu Gabe Chang Kids Karate Instructor

Shi Fu Gabe Chang

Shi-fu Gabe has been training at Gaithersburg US Martial Arts Center since 1997 and currently holds a 3rd degree Black Belt Sash under Shi-Ye Dunphy and a 1st degree Black Belt Sash with the World Kuo Shu Federation. He is a multiple medalist at the prestigous U.S. International Kuo Shu Championship Tournament. Shi-Fu Gabe has studied and reached skillfull proficiency in external Kung Fu styles as well as internal martial arts styles. He is an Instructor to the USCKF Black Belt SashÆs as well as Chief Instructor of the Xtreme Fitness Program.

In addition to his many physical accomplishments, Gabe is also well known in the International Chinese Martial Arts community for his many years as an announcer, coordinator and judge at the International Kuo Shu Championship Tournament.

In 2010, Gabe became one of less then 5 persons, from USMAC who earned the distinguished honor of having earned a 3rd degree Black Belt-Sash. He is honored to have been tested by Lei Tai Chief Judge and Instructor Shi-ye Joe Dunphy.

Certifications and Awards:

  • Earned 3rd degree Black Belt-Sash
  • Earned 1st Tuan Black Sash with TWKSF
  • Official Citation from the Senate of the State of Maryland for Kuo Shu
  • Tien Shan Pai Spirit Award
  • USMA Black Sash Excellence Award
  • USKSF Certified Judge - Level A
  • Numerous USCKF Recognition and CKFA/Pan-American Recognition Certificates

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