It Strengthened Us as Human Beings

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The three of us began practicing Kung Fu under Si Fu Dunphy about 13 years ago in 1995 when we were 4 and 5 years old. What an amazing journey and experience it has been. Two to three times a week we would come to the studio and have a blast learning kicks, punches, forms and how to defend ourselves against the threat of a school bully.

But practicing Kung Fu did not only strengthen us physically, it strengthened us as human beings. All of us excelled at school and employed the respect and diligence taught to us by Si Fu Dunphy in our daily lives. Kung Fu soon became the highlight of our weekly schedule, an opportunity to learn an ancient art and hang out with good friends. In 1999 the impact of Kung Fu on our lives grew exponentially when we began to compete annually at the USKSF tournament in Baltimore.

Competing in front of millions of spectators opened up a brand new world of emotions and abilities to us. Before long, we were not only learning from each other and our instructors, but also from fellow competitors from schools around the world! Thanks to Kung Fu, each of us learned the importance of dedication, perseverance and a positive attitude, which helped in our social and academic lives in addition to enhancing our physical abilities. Our improved endurance and balance even allowed us to learn to snowboard and skate while our years of training showed us that with practice, we could learn to play and write our own music.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved in this amazing part of our lives. First and foremost thank you to Si Fu Dunphy. You are an amazing teacher, role model and person and your selfless dedication to the art of Kung Fu is awe inspiring. You have truly touched and changed our lives. There is no doubt that we will continue to practice and hone our skills and we will surely visit the studio when we return from college during breaks. Ben, on the other hand, still has one more year of hard work and training!

Next we would like to thank our family. You have stuck with us throughout the 13 years, through thick and thin. Driving us to Baltimore and anywhere that sold a good competition sword. Our parents took one whole week out of their very busy lives to bring us to the world championship in Singapore two years ago!

Finally we would like to thank all of our friends and co-students here at US Martial Arts Academy. Practicing with and being with amazing people like you guys have pushed us to continue and excel at this amazing sport. Thank you for watching us demonstrate. Now it is time to eat!

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