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Beginner Health And Wellness Classes Enrolling In April

When it comes to wellness, vitality and healing, our School of Internal Energy is considered one of the best!

Ideal for adults or people recovering from injury or health challenges, our wellness program is designed to ease you into fitness and well being.

As you know, losing weight and improving your overall health requires a combination of proper stretching, exercise, deep breathing, meditation and nutrition. but it often requires knowledge, inspiration and support too. This program fills in the gaps and provides newcomers with the knowledge and support to create a fit and balanced lifestyle.


  • Tai Chi

Considered one of the grandest forms of Martial Arts, Tai Chi relaxes the mind as it stretches, strengthens and reconditions the muscles. Often called ôMeditation in Motionö Tai Chi uses a consistent flow of movement combined with deep abdominal breathing to relax and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

  • Chi Kung

Chi Kung is the art of producing and balancing internal energy within your body to achieve physical, mental and spiritual health. Chi Kung training uses the mind to move chi energy throughout the body, and to cultivate chi, willpower, patience and endurance. With proper breathing and training you can gain more energy and even slow down the signs of aging.

  • Sun Pin Internal

Sun Pin Internal is gentle exercise that helps to eliminate the division between body and mind, as it helps to restore full physical function and relieve pain. The exercises are designed to give you greater freedom of movement and increased performance.

  • Nutrition Training

Designed to complement all of our fitness and self defense classes, this program teaches you about proper nutrition and helps you set achievable fitness and weight loss goals. You'll work to keep track of your daily food consumption, become aware of more nutritious food choices, plus measure your weight, size and body mass index(BMI), periodically to determine where additional focus is needed.

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Benefits of Health and Wellness


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