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Beginner Self Defense Classes Enrolling In April

We'll teach you rapid fire punches, lightning-swift lunges, and power-house kicks that will whip your body into amazing shape!

Developed by Chinese Self Defense, Fighting Masters, Lei Tai deploys intuitive moves and ordinary inertia to shock, restrain and dominate one's opponents. In fact, Lei Tai moves are so instinctive that they can be mastered by people of all ages.

Get Your Body Into Battle-Ready Shape with Lei Tai Self Defense!

Joe Dunphy's IFC Martial Arts and Fitness located in Gaithersburg is the ONLY authentic Lei Tai school in Montgomery County, Maryland that can provide authentic Lei Tai World Championship training. People come from miles around to receive our renowned training and ultimate workouts.

This one-of-a-kind program not only teaches students to protect themselves, but also keeps them fit, lean and energetic. It's a high impact program that fit's everyone's needs.

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What You'll Learn at Self Defense

  • Rapid Fire Punches
  • Lightning like Lunges
  • And Power-House Kicks
  • That will whip your body into AMAZING shape

Benefits of Self Defense

  • Self Defense
  • Explosive Combat-Training
  • Vigorous Aerobics
  • AND, Total-Body Fitness

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