4 Secrets to Youthfullness

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4 Secrets to Youthfullness

Secret # 1.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

Make sure you make time to work out at least twice weekly, long enough to burn calories and get your heart rate up.

Secret #2.

Stretch & Breathe!

Get in a good long stretch (15 minutes or more), at least twice weekly. Make it a gentle, slow stretching period with lots of deep, relaxed breathing.

Secret #3.

Eat Healthfully as well as Tastefully!

Chose your foods wisely not just with your taste buds. Find out what types of foods make your body stronger and help to make you feel like working out. Don't forget proper liquids can also give you a boost.

Secret #4.

Meditate and complement your meditation with Tai Chi or yoga.


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