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  • SSL Volunteering

    If you are a current IFCMA student, who has attained green sash or higher and are in grade 6 - 12, you can earn student service learning (SSL) hours by working as a co-instructor. Once you have been approved to be a co-instructor, register and log your volunteer hours. At the end of every month, we will tally up the hours and provide you with an SSL form that you will have to sign and return to your middle or high school. Please see one of our instructors to discuss if you are interested. ....

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  • Tai Chi Virtual Session (12/1/2020)

    Tai Chi Virtual Session (12/1/2020)

    This is our inaugural Tai Chi virtual session with Sifu Rich. Please excuse the initial issues with the sound. This will be fixed in later virtual sessions. If an error initially comes up "Video Unavailable", please click on the black space and the video will automatically show up. ....

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    AtIFC Martial Arts and Fitness , safety is our top priority. In order to best serve our students and community, we have introduced a COVID-19 Safety Protocol to help keep our school sanitized, our staff and students healthy, and our community thriving. We will continue to follow State and County guidelines. 1. All students, parents, and instructors must wear masks while inside the facility for Kids Classes. Masks are encouraged for people not fully vaccinated for all adult classes. 2. We will take everyone's temperature at the front door, with a touchless thermometer. 3. Students are allowed to enter the school 5 minutes before their class, as we let the class before them exit and ....

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  • Transform Your Body In About 12 Weeks

    Transform Your Body In About 12 Weeks

    With the IFC Martial Arts & Fitness Dare Join the IFC martial Arts & Fitness Dare to get in the BEST FITNESS OF YOUR LIFE and be a part of an exclusive group. The Benefits Include: Being a part of a successful program of proven training with guaranteed results! Highly motivated instructors to keep you enthusiastic and motivated! Expanded class schedule for more convenience! ....

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  • 4 Secrets to Youthfullness

    4 Secrets to Youthfullness

    Secret# 1. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise! Make sure you make time to work out at least twice weekly, long enough to burn calories and get your heart rate up. Secret #2. Stretch & Breathe! Get in a good long stretch (15 minutes or more), at leasttwice weekly. Make it a gentle, slow stretching period with lots of deep, relaxed breathing. Secret #3. Eat Healthfully as well as Tastefully! Chose your foods wisely not just with your taste buds. Find out what types of foods make your body stronger and help to make you feel like working out. Don't forget proper liquids can also give you a boost. Secret #4. Meditate and complement your meditation with Tai Chi or yoga. ....

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  • It Strengthened Us as Human Beings

    It Strengthened Us as Human Beings

    The three of us began practicing Kung Fu under Si Fu Dunphy about 13 years ago in 1995 when we were 4 and 5 years old. What an amazing journey and experience it has been. Two to three times a week we would come to the studio and have a blast learning kicks, punches, forms and how to defend ourselves against the threat of a school bully. But practicing Kung Fu did not only strengthen us physically, it strengthened us as human beings. All of us excelled at school and employed the respect and diligence taught to us by Si Fu Dunphy in our daily lives. Kung Fu soon became the highlight of our weekly schedule, an opportunity to learn an ancient art and hang out with good friends. In 1999 the ....

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